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The history of Wayne started back in the 1820's when the city was first founded. It was not known as Wayne back then. It was just a small village called Derby's Corners. In 1836 the name of the village was changed to Wayne after the general Anthony Wayne. Wayne grew in size and population after the end of World War II.
The City of Wayne is a home to around 17,000 people and around 11,000 more flow in each day for work around the town. Wayne prides itself on having a grand sense of community involvement. Friendships are made and business are run by the great people of Wayne. The City of Wayne isn't all about business though, it's about fun as well! Every year the city puts on various events such as Farmers Market, Cruising Michigan Avenue and Michigan's Largest Garage Sale.
To learn more about the history of Wayne, the Historical Musuem is the place to go. The museum is in a two story building with over 100 exhibits to experience.
Timeline Of Wayne
  • 1848: Stellwagen building was constructed
  • 1878: The building that houses the Historical Museum was built
  • 1900: Fire equipment for the town was purchased which required a new section to be built to store the tools
  • 1908: Hoops building built, located where the National City Bank is now
  • 1926: A police station was created and a jail was built in the basement of the Historical Museum
  • 1928: The Historical Museum building became the place for offices, fire department and police department
  • 1950: Police Department moved to Sims Avenue
  • 1952: Fire Department moved to new location and Chamber of Commerce developed an office at the Historical Museum
  • 1964: Historical Museum building officially became the Wayne Historical Museum
  • 1963: Historical Ordinance adopted by City Counsel
  • 1985: Historical Museum expanded and renovated 
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